The Experience: Versatility

My multi-faceted experiences started to develop initially as a consultant at Andersen Consulting / Accenture, and continued afterwards, on the other side of the desk, at LHI Leasing GmbH.

LHI Leasing GmbH


  • Strategic corporate development: coordination and facilitation of the strategic development process of the company as a whole
  • CEO of a subsidiary of LHI
  • Maintaining an open corporate culture through continuous networking with business partners, regular discussion of cooperation models also with competitors, promoting the exchange of new ideas with leading IT companies
  • Accompanied a new internet and communications approach, based on a new market positioning of the firm. Numerous presentations at conferences and forums, chairman of the IT Forum of the Association of German Leasing Companies (BDL)


  • Introduction of an IT-strategy based on the business strategy and a business case and prototyping based approach for IT investments
  • Preservation and expansion of the acknowledged efficiency and innovation leadership position in the industry, by introducing an effective IT architecture and the development of innovative IT solutions (leading to IBM Global Innovation Award, both SAP and Microsoft best practices)
  • Introduction and further development of business systems, in particular:
    • Leasing Management (SAP based)
    • Fund Management (SAP based)
    • Document management (IBM FileNet P8)
    • CRM (Microsoft Dynamics)
    • Internet (Typo3)
    • Intranet (Microsoft SharePoint)
    • Business Intelligence (SAP and Microsoft based)
    • Project Management (Microsoft Project Server)
    • Risk Controlling, Regulatory Reporting (SAP and RiValue solution)
    • Collaboration (Microsoft SharePoint and IBM FileNet P8, IBM Case Manager)
    • Advanced search capabilities and knowledge management (IBM Content Analytics)
  • Management of many tenders and structured negotiation processes for external service providers, continuous provider and outsourcing management


  • Development of a new and efficient Governance / Risk / Compliance approach
  • Establishment of an integrated strategy, planning and risk management process
  • Responsible for the implementation of the regulations KWG / MaRisk, SEPA, EMIR and AIFM / KAGB
  • Area risk manager
  • Introduction of a central technical platform for risk management and regulatory reporting (herewith replacing critical areas of “individual data processing” with Microsoft Excel)
  • Development of the structure and documentation of the Internal Control System (ICS)


  • Deep M&A experience: integration of three leasing companies
  • Enabling new business as a “corporate service provider” by modularization of business transactions towards a more flexible “factory”, both for complex, customized solutions as well as standardized products
  • Enterprise wide design, implementation, training and coaching of project management methodology and tools#
  • Design and testing of methods and tools to support the work of the “knowledge worker”


  • Planning, communication and support of the re-organisation of the entire company
  • Working closely with HR in the area of ​​organisational and personnel development
  • Coach and mentor in the company
  • Implementation and coordination of an intranet circle to maintain an information sharing spirit

Andersen Consulting / Accenture

Project management for teams of up to 75 people from 10 countries, projects up to 20,000 person days and over 10 million Euro budget, from analysis through design to implementation.

Examples of project experience:

  • Financial market: concept and implementation of a strategic financial markets project, responsible for the coordination of 400 banks across Europe
  • Deutsche Börse AG: Xetra trading system, design, development and implementation of a software release
  • International financial services company: conducting due diligence analyses in Europe and the US for the preparation of investment decisions
  • International financial services company: analysis and design of new business approaches to take advantage of the increasing regulation as a market opportunity
  • International capital market player: process and organisation design for the introduction of 24-hour operations
  • Accenture internal: project management for a part of its ISO9001 certification
  • European capital market player: analysis of the asset management market to assess future business possibilities for investment and fund administration companies in Germany and Luxembourg
  • International credit card company: responsible for the testing and quality assurance of an IT system, that processed the majority of all credit card transactions in Germany
  • Komercni Banka, Prague: process and organization design as well as system implementation and training development to support the transformation from a former state bank to a modern commercial bank
  • Public enterprise, Hungary: assistance for the establishment of a “project management office”
  • Team member supporting the foundation of a British-German trade organisation in London
  • Supporting multiple M&A transactions
  • Projects in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, England, USA