The Person: Independence

Since October 2013: Independent consultant, founder and owner of Konnektiv Consulting, Frankfurt and Seeshaupt near Munich, Germany.

The combination of having been “operationally” successful for many years as well as my achievements as a consultant, affords me a unique and independent perspective. A diploma in economics and my experience as project manager let me combine theory and practice. I am a “pragmatic visionary”. I’m very much at home with structured analysis via the creative concept as well as with the tough implementation. Building bridges (I almost became a diplomat …) between specialist fields and business areas is natural to me.

I was as a consultant at Andersen Consulting / Accenture for twelve years, eventually becoming a partner. I spent ten years in business operations at LHI Leasing GmbH, the market and technology leader of its industry and have more than 20 years experience on both sides of the desk, with customers and suppliers, with internal and external staff, with M&A and outsourcing, in times of hype and crisis, at home and abroad.

I offer independence, integrity, and solution-orientation without “hidden agendas” – regarding license sales, overhead burden, quarterly targets or politics. Everything is geared towards one purpose: the sovereignty of your business decisions. 100% for your entrepreneurial success.

CV in brief:

  • 2004 – 2013: LHI Leasing GmbH, Pullach near Munich
  • 1990 – 2003: Andersen Consulting / Accenture, Kronberg near Frankfurt
  • Foreign Office, Bonn: passed selection process for the diplomatic service, but then sent the contract back – the office appeared too far from reality to me
  • Military service / NBC reconnaissance unit: I always liked to operate ahead of the frontline
  • Saarland University: Diploma in Economics, in parallel studies in computer science

Born in 1964, I am the father of three children. I am a consultant by conviction; accordingly I am very happy with my MBTI index “INTJ”. I currently live in two places, in Frankfurt and Seeshaupt.

Privately, I am an avid photographer, play extremely amateurish electric guitar and want to return more to sailing (hence recently becoming a member of the Munich Yacht Club). On the passive side, I am very interested in modern art (and therefore a long time sponsor of the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt) and architecture.

I would be very pleased to share in an exchange on the topics of connectivity and effectiveness – just contact me!