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Konnektiv Consulting achieves real improvements in an enterprise. By an integrated view on its overall architecture.

Its very individual links between strategy, people, procedures, rules, and IT.

Thanks to its distinctive business architecture any enterprise has the potential to be exceptional.

Such kind of improvements were realized in several projects. All the way from an independent analysis to creative concepts to impactful implementations. Based on knowledge, experience from consulting and management as well as pragmatism.

In case you also experience that isolated changes do not lead to real improvements in your company, contact me – as your independent business architect.

You know your markets, products and customers. You know your strategies and goals, values ​​and culture. But in times of growth or consolidation, mergers or regulation, market changes or technical innovation, the internal structures of a company may no longer fit.

Companies are like architectures – their structures consist of various components functioning for themselves. But their true value unfolds only when they are in perfect conjunction with the other elements. Efficiency, agility and power arise from the interplay of forces and from the smart handling of interaction between strategy, procedures, rules, organization, and IT.

Let’s say for example, that the legal implications of a new regulation need to be understood and then implemented into the business processes. Ideally, this change adds new quality also to established processes. These improvements can then be transferred throughout the organization resulting in better time-to-market. Another example: additional data is required for regulatory reporting. Why not turn this effort into added value for investors and customers as well?

Each company has its individual strengths. Working them out for each architectural component is at the core of the analysis phase. To evaluate the architecture vis-à-vis these strengths in combination with the needs for change is the aim of the conceptual phase. During the implementation phase, the relevant adjustments will be effectively realised.

What I am offering is to lead the re-designing of your company’s “interior architecture”, creating new options and agility for your business.

My consulting concept is based on the conjunction of the components strategy, procedures, rules, organization and IT. Changes are implemented in the phases of analysis, design, and implementation.

My approach is derived from experience with these practices of large consulting firms, filtered through practical leadership experience in the real world environment of a medium-sized and entrepreneurial-minded company. I’ve reduced them to the essentials, for one purpose only: the realization of your business objectives.

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  • Strategy

    70 % of all strategies have no effect.

  • IT

    Each business decision is a technology decision.

  • Rules

    Conventions can be broken – not rules.

  • Organisation

    Organisation charts mirror the corporate culture.

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts.” (Aristotle)


Each company has its individual strengths. Defining them clearly is at core of the analysis phase. The concept phase evaluates and adapts the architecture, reflecting the identified need for change while making effective application a reality is the purpose of the implementation phase.


An analysis is typically initiated through a business need or urgency.

And frequently offers in the same time the possibility to identify new opportunities.


During concept phase, an ideal target is developed.

Which provides also a chance for a strong teaming through a shared vision.


Implementation is realized through realistic stages.

Action driven, with sustainability in mind.

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The range of services I offer is based on the core phases, which are necessary for achieving effectiveness: analysis, concept, and implementation. My services can be applied to all or individual phases.

The intensity of collaboration can vary: individual advice, project support, responsible execution, managing providers, or interim management.

My goal is to relieve you of management tasks that can be delegated. I can be a sparring partner or an expert for the coordination of experts: leveraging your effectiveness.

From a brief situation analysis to moderating a concept workshop to the management of a large implementation program – many options are configurable. Just contact me.


I have been successful on both sides of the desk – as a consultant as well as an executive and leader within a company. Therefore, I can perfectly understand both positions. For your benefit.


Thomas Büsch

Thomas Büsch

Founder and owner

Since October 2013: Independent consultant, founder and owner of Konnektiv Consulting, Frankfurt and Seeshaupt near Munich, Germany.

The combination of having been “operationally” successful for many years as well as my achievements as a consultant, affords me a unique and independent perspective. The combination of a diploma in economics and years of experience as a project manager help me to successfully integrate theory and practice. I am a “pragmatic visionary”. I’m very much at home with the analysis, concept and implementation phases; building bridges between specialty fields and business areas. My style is team and goal oriented: 100% for your business.

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